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What is blog copywriting?

It’s probably pretty clear what blog copywriting is! We write regular blog posts for companies who see the real value to their audience in writing a blog. The value to your audience is new information, useful resources, perhaps something entertaining, witty or emotional.

For businesses, the benefits of writing a blog are in connecting with your audience, positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, improving your search engine rankings, and strengthening your marketing activity.

But (and this is a big but), blog copywriting is time consuming. That’s why you’ll see businesses that haven’t published a post on their blog in months, or you’ll read posts that might miss the mark in terms of quality. Also (and this is an even bigger also)…not everyone can write. Or at least, not everyone can write well. It’s a real skill – one that we’ve been practicing for years.

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Why outsource your blog copywriting?

The answer is pretty simple – we have the time, knowledge, expertise and skills to make sure your blog posts are high quality, optimised for SEO, meet your audience’s needs, and stick to your content schedule. We can support and strengthen your marketing activity, and even do keyword research, content rewrites, upload and publish your posts, and ensure your blog strategy fits in with your overall content strategy.

Basically, we’ll make sure your blog shines while you and your team concentrate on moving your business forward.

Web copy, SEO copy, content & blog copywriting? How are they different?

They’re all pretty similar, to be honest. Both web copy and SEO copy should be written for your target audience. Web copy covers the core pages of your website (home page, about, product pages, etc.), and SEO copy is written with search engines firmly in mind, including technical SEO mechanisms to help boost your rankings. (But in reality, web copy covers this, too.)

Content copywriting generally covers content that’s outside the core pages of your website. It can include how-to guides, white papers, infographics and articles – and blog copywriting is one element of content writing. Whatever type of content it is, it must be informative, entertaining, or help your readers in some way. It shouldn’t be a direct sell, it’s content that offers value to your audience. As a result, they form a positive opinion of your company and are likely to keep you top of mind.

Examples of our blog copywriting

Blog content is our speciality. We write a lot of blog posts for a variety of clients, both B2B and B2C, in many different industries who all have one thing in common – they understand the power of well-written, well-optimised, fresh blog content (but they don’t have the time and/or expertise to write it themselves). Here are just a few examples of blogs we’ve written (you can look at more examples of our work here):

For blog content that’s useful, relevant, entertaining or informative, complete the contact form below and let’s have a chat.

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