Case Studies

Why does your business need case studies?

Case studies are fantastic ways to showcase your products and services – as consumers, we value what other people have to say about their experience of a company’s services or how a product has benefitted them. You probably already have lots of customers who love your product or service, and it’s a case of tapping into these success stories and writing about them in an informative way which allows to reader to form a positive impression, and ultimately makes them want to purchase.

What are the benefits of case studies?

Case studies enable you to talk about your products and services from a customer point of view, without appearing to say “look at us, aren’t we great?!” and without sounding too sales-y. This gives you authenticity and credibility, and enables you to tell your target audience how your products or services solved a challenging problem for someone similar to them – case studies always tell the truth and provide proof of cure. They are a great asset to use alongside your more sales-oriented material.

Remember, case studies don’t just have to be written content – video case studies are also a powerful way to show your customers how your product or service has benefitted people with the same need or problem they have.

Examples of case studies we’ve written

You can look at more examples of our work here, and read the case studies below for examples of our work.

LimeLight Marketing case study

LimeLight Marketing - KEY Apparel case studies example

LimeLight Marketing, a marketing agency based in the US, wanted to showcase how they’ve helped their client generate online sales. This case study outlines the challenge their client originally had and includes tangible results, how LimeLight acheived those results, and a glowing client testimonial. You can read the full case study here.

ReAgent Chemicals case study

ReAgent Chemicals - MG Chemicals case study example

ReAgent, a B2B chemical manufacturing company in the UK, highlights how they help their wide range of customers deliver chemical products to market. In this case study, we illustrate how ReAgent’s services mean their customer can get there product to market three times quicker than they had done previously. Read the case study here.

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