Content Copywriting

What is content copywriting?

Content copywriting includes any material which informs, guides or interests a brand’s audience but which doesn’t use that material to overtly sell a product or service. The goal is that the audience (and those the brand want to reach who aren’t already part of their audience) will read this content, get value from it and think well of the brand who produced it. As a brand, you are creating trust, credibility, and authenticity. And if it’s done well they will want more, so it’s also important to have a long-term plan and goal for this type of copywriting.

What channels do you use for content copywriting?

Content writing is mainly for websites and can include blog posts, how-to guides, white papers, infographics and articles – this content can also be repurposed for emails and e-newsletters. It’s closely linked to SEO copywriting because this type of content can be used to drive traffic to your website. In some cases, content writing will also apply to print material such as brochures and magazines.

What’s the difference between content writing and web copywriting?

Content writing generally covers content that’s outside the core pages of your website, whereas web copywriting focuses on the core of your website – the home page, about us, landing pages, product pages, etc.

I really love reading (and writing!) content which makes me want to engage, share and like – and I’m definitely not alone in that.

Examples of our content copywriting

The Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Quality Certification Program provides professional woodworkers and architects with a set of standards to adhere to, and certifies woodworking projects that meet these standards. They also create a lot of great content targeted to woodworkers and/or architects that provides useful and relevant information on related topics. They have an active blog, and also create various guides:

AWI-QCP content copywriting example

An example of how one of our clients provides content that their audience loves.

AWI-QCP content example

This client’s guides provides lots of useful, relevant information to their audience, building trust and positioning themselves as industry experts.

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