Web Copywriting

What is web copywriting?

Web copywriting includes the core of your website: your home page, about us page, product or services pages, sales pages and any landing pages, including opt-in pages, that you require. We write website copy with both your reader and your objectives in mind, whether that’s to drive traffic to certain pages or increase time on site, and ultimately convert leads and/or sales.

Web copy should be informative, compelling, relevant and targeted, complementing the functionality and user experience on your website. We are happy to work with your web designers, developers and UX team to make sure that your web copy, design and functionality works together and achieves the best possible results.

So what’s the difference between web copy and SEO copy?

That’s a great question. Both web copy and SEO copy should be written for your target audience. The difference is that SEO copy is also written with search engines in mind, and includes technical SEO mechanisms to help boost your rankings. (But to be honest, there’s so much crossover here that they’re pretty much the same thing!)

And what about content writing?

Where does that come in? Content copywriting generally covers content that’s outside the core pages of your website. It can include blog posts, how-to guides, white papers, infographics and articles. Whatever type of content it is, it must be informative, entertaining, or help your readers in some way. It is not a direct sell, but offers some value to your readers. As a result, they form a positive opinion of your company and are likely to keep you top of mind.

Examples of our web copywriting

We have written a lot of web pages over the years. Here are just a few examples (you can look at more examples of our work here):

  1. Arduino Education solutions pages

Web copywriting example - Arduino Education solutions pages

2. Architectural Woodwork Institute’s home page

Web copywriting example - AWI-QCP home page

3. Chemicals.co.uk product pages

Web copywriting example - chemicals.co.uk product pages

4. Raisin UK’s marketplace pages

Web copywriting example - Raisin UK product pages

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"Jessica is a fantastic, intuitive and creative copywriter and I would highly recommend her work.

She helped give a fresh perspective to the copy on my website - when it is your own work you are trying to critique, it is sometimes very tricky to read objectively without your eyes going square!" - Lucy Newall-Ellis, Ravenspoint Marketing

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